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Dollar bills background

Frank Harian

Education: Master of Science Taxation (MST), Bachelors of Accounting and Programmer Analyst (BAcc)

Experience : Extensive experience spanning 20Yrs in Tax, Accounting, Financial Services and issues pertaining to Private and Governmental Agencies including not limited to: Floridia Department of Revenue (Tax Audit), Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (Regulator), MD Sassi Company Public Accountants (Auditor), Canada Revenue Agency (Tax Specialists)


Shirley GW Levin

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) 

Experience: Extensive experience spanning 40 Years in various startups as a CFO and Controller capacity, East County San Diego - Chapter Society of Tax Consultants (President - Former), IRS Represetation and Resolutions (In-depth experience and knowledge of practical issues and standards), CSTC (Chapter Society of Tax Consultants - Speaker former and current)


Rob Lowell

Education: MBA Finacial Management (MBA-Finance), Bachelor of Commerce (BComm)

Experience : Extensive experience spanning 25 Yrs in Tax and Financial Management focusing on Tax and Financial Strategies for Small and Medium sized businesses including: Intuit (Tax Planning and Resolutions), Santa Ana College (Professor- Accounting, Business), NACVA Institute (Valuation Specialists), ASTPS Tax Resolutions (15 Yrs Experience), CSTC Chapter of Society of Tax Cosultants in Los Angeles (VP-Former), Quickbooks Pro-Advisor (Specialists)